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How much is your home worth to you? It’s likely to be more than the market value. It’s more than simply shelter and a place to put your stuff. It’s your memories, a representation of the time spent looking for the perfect furnishings, and a major step between where you were and where you want to be.

When your home’s value to you is much more than its price on the market, of course you want to hang on to every possible cent you can get for it. That’s logic, both emotionally and financially so.

Why would you sign away three to six percent of the market value – which is already less than the price you would put on it – without considering your options?

You certainly don’t want to make that mistake when listing your home on the MLS for a flat fee is so easy, convenient, and risk-free.

In fact, you can even get the entire service without paying a cent.

FSBO Sellers Are Already Saving Thousands

When you sell your home without a seller’s agent, you’re already saving at least three percent of the property’s market value. By creating your own MLS listing and making yourself available to show your house to potential buyers, you don’t need to work with a selling agent.

While there are costs involved, such as an attorney’s review of the sale, those are costs you would have paid for out-of-pocket anyhow. So is the flat fee you pay to list on the MLS – and there is always a cost for that.

Or, at least there was.

Your MLS listing can be set up for a flat fee and then continues to run for a monthly fee until you remove the listing. You know exactly what you will pay, and it’s a lot less than the three percent you would pay an agent to do it for you. (Whether you offer the standard three percent to a buyer’s agent is up to you.)

But, if you discover that you simply don’t have the time or desire to put into the sale of your home as a FSBO seller (after using our services) – and you’re happy to work with an agent we recommend – we’ll refund every cent paid for our service when your home sells with that representative.

Better still, if you buy a property using one of our referred agents and you’ve purchased one of your plans, you’ll also get your money back.

You can effectively sell your home without paying for the listing and save thousands of dollars of its market value for… well, whatever you want to spend that money on. Now, we know that doesn’t make up for the fact that your home is worth more to you than it could ever sell for. But, it’s definitely closer than the traditional agent route and every cent counts, right?