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A couple of decades ago, you would have had to look hard to find flat free real estate services. There just weren’t that many. And, after decades upon decades of the way it is, there weren’t enough home sellers who believed they could manage without a full-service real estate agent.

Increasing numbers of home sellers are discovering they don’t need to sign away as much as three percent of their property’s value just because that’s the way it is. They’re turning to flat fee services – and in turn, there are more flat fee services springing up across the country.

Choosing the Right Flat Fee Service for You

With more choice in service providers, you should know that there are more differences in the services they provide. You’ll still need to spend time looking for the right one, but nowhere near as much as you would have 20 years ago. Today, you’re saving time and money.

What should you consider?

The MLS Listing Is the Priority – Let’s be honest, you need to list your property on the MLS. It’s almost impossible to sell your home with a mere sign posted on the front lawn. (It can happen, but it’s not very likely.) The MLS listing is the cornerstone you need from any flat fee service. Consider whether a service provider only allows the first posting and charges for subsequent changes. Check the available number of pictures you may upload. Is there an additional fee for pushing listings to sites like Trulia and Zillow? If you’re not getting a flexible and expansive MLS package, you should move along.

Leads from Sources that Count – Given the way home buyers shop for a new property, you want more than just an MLS listing. You need access to the leads that come from your home’s listing. Otherwise, you’re simply providing content for those websites. You should have the opportunity to tap into any and all leads those sites obtain from your property.

Customer Support and Advice – Unless you’re an old hat at buying and selling properties using flat fee real estate companies, you’re likely to have lots of questions. (Even if you are adept, there are always a few new experiences that crop up in a sale.) Look for service providers that make themselves available to you. Maybe you won’t need it, but having expert advice when you do is crucial to the success of your home’s sale. If a flat fee service wants to tack on charges to make themselves available, they’re not a service that cares about their own success, let alone yours.

Above all, you want to work with a company that’s prepared to provide you with a guarantee. Your home and the value tied up in it are crucial to your personal success and happiness. Any reputable flat fee service will recognize that and make sure you have the means to recover your investment in their services if it doesn’t go the way you want it.