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Selling a home is nothing like buying a home. When you’re selling a home, you’ve got the facts – or you can find them easily enough. People looking to purchase a home (for the first time or the tenth time) spend a lot of time uncovering information.

As a seller, you know how old your home is, which stairs creak as you climb the stairwell, and the district-mandated schools. You know how much you owe on the home and the minimum amount you need for a viable sale.

But, if you’re considering selling your home, either through an agent-represented listing or FSBO, you still need to do some research. No matter how long you’ve known a potential agent or how much you trust him or her, you can’t just accept the valuation they provide; you’ll need to verify the information. And, you don’t want to use the recommended lawyers without a check of your own. You’ll need to provide information to an agent, and always be at the ready to leave when a potential buyer wants to visit.

Sellers do a lot of work, whether they choose an agent or go it alone. And many of the steps cannot be done by an agent either, including the legal aspects and photography. That’s exactly why motivated home sellers are opting to sell their properties themselves.

In the past, agents had a great deal more work to do, but the advent of web-based home searches make it a lot easier for FSBO sellers to take over the burden of listing and marketing their house – at greatly reduced fees. Flexible sellers willing to offer the buyer’s agent a commission will find that the terrifying rumors they’ve heard about FSBO will fly out the window when staging their homes.

And that makes it easy to attempt a FSBO sale before listing with an agent. Well, as easy as it is to sell any home. After all, you still need to jump through the hoops whether you have representation or not – you may just save yourself a great deal of money in the process.

It’s absolutely possible to go it alone – and there’s at least one good reason why you should! We offer guarantees and safeguards that ensure you get your listing fees back if you do decide to work with an agent down the line.

There is just one thing you’ll want to do while gathering your facts and service providers, choosing your photos, and planning your MLS listing – jump into the process wholeheartedly. Just because there are guarantees in place, doesn’t mean you can list and sit back while waiting for offers to roll in. FSBO doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done, only that you can do it yourself. After all, no one knows your home better than you do.