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The purpose of most advertising is sales. That’s certainly true when it comes to the sale of a home (by agent or FSBO).

A listing isn’t a sale; it’s the means to generate leads – as many leads as it takes to make the right sale of your property.

When an agent lists your home on the MLS, he or she knows how to ensure that they will get all the leads from any site that displays that listing. That means the details on a Zillow interest form are sent to the agent as soon as that form is submitted.

That’s exactly what you want as a FSBO seller. The listing is one thing; the leads are everything. Most buyers expect to provide their details and then be contacted. They’re not always certain about reaching out to sellers (or their agents). More accurately, they are busy with the next property in their search results.

You need exclusive leads sent to you from these sites especially when you’re selling FSBO so you can act swiftly on them.

Be careful, though, not every flat or reduced fee listing service facilitates sending leads from third-party websites on to you. We happen to be one of the few. Check our FAQ page to learn more about exclusive leads for FSBO sellers and the other services we offer.