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The MLS is one of the most important marketing tools you have as a FSBO seller. It’s how people search for homes these days, and you simply cannot ignore its reach and power in any market.

While the pictures provided are what potential home buyers are after, that’s not the only part of the listing they care about. Once the images have enticed a buyer to look a little further, the details in your MLS listing will take center stage.

Details include everything from the number of bedrooms to the total square footage, but they should include more than just a list of basic amenities.

Look at the Details List Before the Introduction – You have a chance to communicate how many bathrooms you have and the types of flooring found throughout the home in the details section. Make that list before writing the introduction. There’s no point in wasting the limited space you have by repeating facts that can easily be found elsewhere in the listing.

Include Any Unique Amenities – If you have an oversized garage (and perhaps built-in storage in it), hardwood flooring, or a security system, make sure you mention those somewhere in your listing. These are tantalizing tidbits that potential buyers want to know and may not be able to see from the pictures alone. In fact, you may want to use the photos to look for the information you should include in these highlights. If you can fit unique amenities into the detail list, do so. But, if you can’t work them in easily, be certain to add them to the intro.

Specifics Are Everything – It’s good to know you upgraded the kitchen and laundry room in the past few years. But, it’s better to note the brand names or the energy efficiency of appliances. You may even want to include the date of these upgrades if they were very recently undertaken.

Work Lifestyle Words into Every Angle – Is the bathroom luxurious? Say so. It certainly sounds better than “large bathroom”. Landscaped garden? Mention it. Soaring ceilings? That’s much better than high ceilings any day. Wherever you can add lingo that makes you think about the type of living your home supports, use it.

Don’t Forget about Titles – A catchy title will prompt shoppers to click on the pictures of your listing. It’s what gets the entire process going, so you shouldn’t consider it a minor detail.

And, finally, go over each line and sentence over and over again. While proper punctuation isn’t going to sell your home, misspellings denote a sloppiness that may deter serious buyers. After checking everything over for grammar, ask someone else to look it over. You don’t want to miss something small just because you can’t see the mistake any longer. It really is all about the details when selling your home.