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Every real estate agent in the world is going to defend their income. They will all tell you that the sale of a home takes more than luck – it takes some effort. And it does, but it’s completely doable. And, depending on your circumstances, it may be even easier than dealing with an agent.

Can You Do What an Agent Does?

Real estate agents offer varying services, and different companies will offer varying degrees of competency. You’ll need to ask yourself whether you can perform the key services that every agent offers.

Can you price your home accurately? The market value of your home is, simply, what someone else is willing to pay. You’ll have to look at your home honestly, but the information you need to price your home is easily accessible. (So are lists of the disclosures you must make, unless you live in a non-disclosure state).
Can you list your home on the MLS? You will pay a minimal fee to list your home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), but it is a flat-rate, one-time expense. And, we are happy to do this for you.
Can you show your home yourself? Of course you will need to stage your home and clean up the dishes every morning – every seller must. But, if you can also be flexible about meeting with potential buyers, your job as salesperson is easier already.

Can You Connect to the Same Services as Agents?

Agents can’t and don’t do everything themselves. They still need to call in the pros from time to time. And, it’s easier than you think to connect with these services on your own.

Can you hire a professional photographer? Houses with strong images sell faster than those shot on a Smartphone. After all, which homes inspire you to take a closer look? Professional photographers do charge, but hardly at the rates you would pay an agent.
Can you organize lockboxes and yard signs? These are easier to come by than you may think because they’re absolutely essential to selling property these days. Just a note, though, the more professional your signage is, the better the results will be.
Can you engage the services of a real estate attorney? Of course you can (and you must). Keep in mind that you would need to hire this person anyhow. And the sooner you make contact to negotiate fees, the easier your job will be.

Are You Prepared to Offer the Buyer’s Agent a Commission?

Many buyers prefer to work with an agent, even if you prefer to sell your home on your own. Offering a buyer’s agent commission still keeps your costs low and encourages the agents in your area to bring potential buyers to your property.

As long as you’re willing and able to perform these steps on your own, selling your home on your own will be easier than you think.