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There are a lot of reasons homeowners opt for the FSBO route when selling their properties. The ability to handle the various aspects of a sale on your own is a big incentive.

So, if you’re prepared to stage your home, list your home, and show your home, why do you need a lock box? Why add another expense to your sale?

You Can’t Be Home All the Time

Everyone needs groceries (or at least something more than a steady stream of pizza delivery), and you probably have many errands to run in preparation for your impending move. Even if you do have a lot of flex-time in your schedule, you really can’t be home all the time.

Not only that, you might not want to be. Many buyers still opt to have an agent represent them. After all, you pay those fees; the buyer doesn’t have as much motivation to go it alone. And, agents tend to prefer homeowners (FSBO or otherwise) not to be home when they bring prospective clients to their properties.

If you’ve allowed for a buyer’s commission in your listing, a lock box could be just the thing that tips your property in their favor. That’s especially true when a buyer and his or her agent have a close, trusting relationship. You could just get in the way of a sale.

Now, that doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens enough that you should at least consider the convenience a lock box offers.

Every Lock Has Pros and Cons

You can head off to your local Home Depot (or any similar store) and pick up a lock box for less than $20. As long as you’re always able to take the courtesy calls from agents preparing to show your home to their clients, you can probably make one of these simple FSBO lock boxes work for you.

You’ll need to make sure you’re always available for that call, however, and security dictates a reset of that code every time it’s been used. (Don’t forget to ask the agent to leave his or her card, and to get their details before you get off the phone with them.)

If you want even more flexibility and security, you can rent a Supra box. These electronic boxes can only be accessed by licensed real estate agents. If you ever have questions regarding who was in your home, you’ll be able to get the answer quickly.

But, you’re going to pay more to hire the lock box from a licensed entity. Costs vary depending on the supplier, but you can expect to put down approximately $200. Much of that money will be refunded upon the return of the lock box in good condition.  But, the box itself is also more expensive.

The Choice Is Yours

You have a few options when it comes to lock boxes, and there is no right way to handle these situations. It’s just another example of the flexibility you have as a FSBO seller.