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What to Look for in a Flat Fee Service

A couple of decades ago, you would have had to look hard to find flat free real estate services. There just weren’t that many. And, after decades upon decades of the way it is, there weren’t enough home sellers who believed they could manage without a full-service real estate agent.

Increasing numbers of home sellers are discovering they don’t need to sign away as much as three percent of their property’s value just because that’s the way it is. They’re turning to flat fee services – and in turn, there are more flat fee services springing up across the country.

You Can Get Our Services Without Paying a Cent

How much is your home worth to you? It’s likely to be more than the market value. It’s more than simply shelter and a place to put your stuff. It’s your memories, a representation of the time spent looking for the perfect furnishings, and a major step between where you were and where you want to be.

When your home’s value to you is much more than its price on the market, of course you want to hang on to every possible cent you can get for it. That’s logic, both emotionally and financially so.

Why would you sign away three to six percent of the market value – which is already less than the price you would put on it – without considering your options?

Sell Now Before Mortgage Rates Rise

With the promise of rising mortgage rates throughout 2017, homebuyers are out in droves, trying to buy into the dream of homeownership before they’re priced out of it. In fact, November home sales broke records across the country.

If you’re planning on selling your home within the next six months, you are ideally situated to take advantage of what is now one of the hottest sellers’ markets in decades. And, naturally, you want to keep as much of that hard-earned equity as possible, right?

It’s the Leads that Count

The purpose of most advertising is sales. That’s certainly true when it comes to the sale of a home (by agent or FSBO).

A listing isn’t a sale; it’s the means to generate leads – as many leads as it takes to make the right sale of your property.

When an agent lists your home on the MLS, he or she knows how to ensure that they will get all the leads from any site that displays that listing. That means the details on a Zillow interest form are sent to the agent as soon as that form is submitted.

Why the MLS Is Important

If you were to place an advertisement for your home in the newspaper, you would pay for a single placement of that advert. With that, you would have the potential to reach anyone that reads that publication. The MLS is nothing like that. When you post a single...

Exclusive Leads – What Every FSBO Seller Wants

Today, you have a lot more options for selling your home than ever before. You’re hardly locked into the agent and newspaper business that once dictated the property market. For many sellers, taking the FSBO sales channel isn’t just a financial decision. In many cases, it’s easier to work this way too.

As long as they can get their property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

We can certainly help with that. And, indeed, we offer more than just a listing with our flat fee service.

Winter Sales Are Easier than You Might Believe

As the colder weather sets in, you may be wondering whether you should hit the market now or wait for the thaw.

If you’re in a hurry to sell your property, you’re in luck. Winter is a terrific time to list and sell your home.

The Number One Reason Buyers Use Agents

In the United States, buyer’s agents are a regular part of the home purchase process. That’s not necessarily the norm in other countries where an agent selected by the seller is the one that handles negotiations and closing operations with the seller-appointed attorney. Where single-agent markets persist, home buyers are often vulnerable.

That’s clearly not the case in the American real estate market. According to the National Association of Realtors, 87 percent of buyers work with an agent. That is quite a significant share of the market and one that’s been steadily increasing from a base of 69 percent in 2001.

Why FSBO Sellers Must List on the MLS

Once upon a time, a FSBO sign outside of a home meant the seller was in financial trouble – or too crotchety to work well with an agent.

Those days are long gone.

A FSBO sign outside your home means there’s a savvy seller who knows she doesn’t need an agent to complete the sale of their property.

But that sign isn’t going to sell the FSBO home on its own. Well, it might, but it’s unlikely. FSBO sellers will need a listing on the MLS.

What Are Title Companies? (And Why We Use Them)

Buying or selling a house is learning experience… every time you do it. States have different laws, and the norms between big cities and small towns are remarkably different. Even if you’ve purchased a home (or several) before, selling can be another story – especially if you go the FSBO route.

That said, you’re never completely on your own when selling a FSBO property. You will still need the assistance of an attorney or a title company. (And, that’s the beginning. Don’t forget about photographers, buyer’s agents, listing service providers and all those potential buyers out there.)

Do FSBO Homes Need Lock Boxes? 

There are a lot of reasons homeowners opt for the FSBO route when selling their properties. The ability to handle the various aspects of a sale on your own is a big incentive.

So, if you’re prepared to stage your home, list your home, and show your home, why do you need a lock box? Why add another expense to your sale?

How Important Are the Details in a Listing?

The MLS is one of the most important marketing tools you have as a FSBO seller. It’s how people search for homes these days, and you simply cannot ignore its reach and power in any market.

While the pictures provided are what potential home buyers are after, that’s not the only part of the listing they care about. Once the images have enticed a buyer to look a little further, the details in your MLS listing will take center stage.

Details include everything from the number of bedrooms to the total square footage, but they should include more than just a list of basic amenities.

Why You Can’t Close without an Attorney

You’ll save a lot of cash by selling your home without an agent. There are aspects of the agent’s job that you can easily shoulder on your own, but there are others that you simply can’t. If you’re not a professional photographer, you’ll need to hire one. And, you’ll need an attorney before closing to review contracts before you close.

Sure, you can work with standard forms, but you really don’t want to skimp on a service that protects you legally now… and in the future.

Showing Your Home: How to Talk to Buyers

When homeowners list their homes with real estate agents, they are almost never involved in the to potential buyers. Sure, there’s plenty of cleaning and staging to do, but then it’s time to turn on all the lights in the home, throw back the draperies and leave.

It’s a different situation when you’re selling your home FSBO. You don’t have an agent, so you’ll need to show the house unaided. So, what do you say to potential buyers when showing your home?

Never List Your Home with an Agent until You’ve Tried Our Service

Selling a home is nothing like buying a home. When you’re selling a home, you’ve got the facts – or you can find them easily enough. People looking to purchase a home (for the first time or the tenth time) spend a lot of time uncovering information.

As a seller, you know how old your home is, which stairs creak as you climb the stairwell, and the district-mandated schools. You know how much you owe on the home and the minimum amount you need for a viable sale.

Want to make the most money you can when you sell your home? Staging is important

When watching home shows or flipping through the pages of magazines, you’ve probably come across a few houses that make you think, “I could live there.” That’s exactly what you want potential buyers to feel when they come across your listing.

Staging is how you achieve that – regardless of how or why you sell your home. And you don’t need to pay a fortune to a professional stager to make a big difference in the way your home feels; you can borrow the best tips from the pros with even the most modest of budgets.

This Is the #1 Reason Buyers Won’t Approach FSBO Sellers

No matter how or why a home has been listed on the market, there’s one thing that every seller wants – the right buyer with the right price to walk through the door as quickly as possible.

Real estate agents use this angle by claiming they can bring the qualified buyers through the door. It’s not to say they can’t. But it also doesn’t mean you can’t do the same. Once you organize your selling tools, you have access to the same pool of buyers as an agent-represented seller.

What Do You Need to Disclose and When?

When you want to sell your home, revealing information about defects and damages seems completely contradictory. Why would you tell someone that you’ve spotted a crack in the foundation when you know they won’t offer anything close to your asking price once they have that information?

No matter how detrimental you may think a disclosure will be, it’s a requirement that ensures you operate on the right side of the law. If you leave something out, the sale price of your home could be the least of your worries.

How Easily Can Sell Your Property on Your Own?

Every real estate agent in the world is going to defend their income. They will all tell you that the sale of a home takes more than luck – it takes some effort. And it does, but it’s completely doable. And, depending on your circumstances, it may be even easier than dealing with an agent.

FSBO? You Still Want a Professional Photographer

There are many reasons folks choose to sell their homes themselves. One of the biggest reasons is cost. If you’re prepared to put in the work, why pay someone else to list your home?

But wait; that does not mean you want to – or can – cut all of the costs of selling your home. You can’t. There are still things you’ll need to pay for. The cost to list your home on the MLS is one of those costs; lawyer fees are sure to be another line item on your budget. You’ll probably spend a few bucks on sprucing your home and staging it appropriately. And yes, you need to hire a professional photographer.